Anna Olkkonen, a BSc from the School of biomedicine (University of Eastern Finland) started recently her MSc thesis in our research group. Her thesis focuses
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Our recent reviev article "Recent Advances on Molecular Modeling Studies of Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1" published in Medicine Research wasselected for the journal's 2021
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The Björkqvist foundation has awarded FM Carita Sallomy a study grant for her Docotral thesis. The Björkqvist Foundation is a local foundation that fumds resaearchers
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The Finnish Cultural Foundation has granted 32 500 € for the design, synthesis and evaluation of boron containing amino acids for treatment of malignant brain
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Our newest MSc studnet, Satu Rotso-Liuttu has recently started her Master thesis study in Pharmacy. BSc Rotso-Liuttu is carrying out studies on computational drug design
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A collaborative study entitled "Addressing the Biochemical Foundations of a Glucose-Based “Trojan Horse”-Strategy to Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: From Chemical Synthesis to In Vitro Assessment" with the
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Just published extensive literature review written by several researchers from University of Eastern Finland and over ten other universities combines together results of over 300
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A new master student will start soon working in our synthesis lab! A research chemistry from Jonesuu, Landry Amamea will carry out his master's thesis
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Our Science

Our research aims to synthesise and test novel bioactive heterocycles and medicinal boron compounds and to develop novel antibiotic strategies as well as more efficient, eco-friendly methodologies.

Our Group

Our research group is comprised of dynamic and innovative scientists with a large collaboration network. We consistently offer opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students to join our research team and scientific endeavour.

Our Story

As every successful venture, we have also started from scratch. Our grassroot efforts have grown into a flourishing field of talented researchers. And we have no intentions of slowing down.

Our Collaboration

In collaboration we believe! Science is more productive when done in combined effort. Currently, we have several ongoing collaborations with numerous research group in Finland.

Our Funding

Little science can be done without funding. Thus, we are immensely thankful for each and every of the Institutions and Societies who continue to make our research possible.