A Green Method For Preparing Di-iodo Alkenes

A new and efficient method to synthetize di-iodinated alkenes was published in ACS Omega. The study was done in collaboration with Dr. Petri Turhanen, who has invented and studied extensively the use of Dowex(R) as a catalyst in organic reactions . In the published method, a recyclable ion-exchange resin was used to catalyze iodination of alkynes using sodium iodide (NaI) as source for the iodine.

Use of sodium iodide as a source for iodination reactions in organic chemistry is remarkable since it enables iodine radioisotopes to be atached into organic compounds easily. The presented method is also more ecofriendly as the syntheses can be accied out in less toxic and flamable solvents like acetonitrile and 2-ropanol.

The article can be found from here.

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