Biological Testing

Projects involving syntheses of bioactive compounds needs support and synergies from the biological sciences in order to better understand biochemical activities. Currently, we collaborate with several research groups and individual researchers who carry out biological screening and metabolic testing. 

The Prodrug Research Group, UEF

Our collaboration with the Prodrug Research group, led by Professor Jarkko Rautio, began in 2016, when Dr. Juri Timonen, our principal investigator (PI), started post-doc research under the supervision of Professor Rautio. The collaboration has continued to flourish after our PI began his independent research career. Professor Rautio has an extensive background in drug targeting and most of our anti-cancer projects collaborate with him. For instance, boronated amino acids for the BNCT -project (LAT1-BNCT) and bacterial-targeting-projects are researched in conjunction with Professor Rautio’s group

Dr. Teemu Natunen, UEF

Dr. Teemu Natunen is a young, talented researcher for the Department of Biomedicine in the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). Since 2018, together we have endeavoured to develop novel anti-inflammatory heterocycles that combat Alzheimer’s disease.

Research Group of Toxicology, UEF

The collaboration with the Toxicology Research Group of UEF started in 2017. Our shared interest in coumarin metabolism has led to new findings regarding the species-dependent CYP-metabolism of coumarins (published in 2019). Our partnership and research on coumarin metabolism with Professor Risto Juvonen is on-going.

The Immunopharmacology Reserch Group, UTA

Throughout his career as a chemist, our PI has collaborated with The Immunopharmacology Research Group (School of Medicine, University of Tampere). Led by Professor Eeva Moilanen, we have studied associations between a wide variety of coumarin derivates  with inflammation, from which we have published three original research articles. Currently, our collaboration aims to develop novel heterocyclic antagonists for the TRPA1 ion-channel.

Dr Ale Närvänen, UEF

The collaboration with Adjunct Professor Ale Närvänen started in 2018. Dr. Närvänen is working on a treatment for insect trypanosoma protozoa, which related to common human pathogens. In our collaboration, we are screening different heterocycles against these trypanosomes.

Research Group of Analytical Chemistry, UEF (Pharmacy)

The Analytical Chemistry Research Group, led by Professor Seppo Auriola, is crucial in not only our collaborative metabolism research, but also in method development and analytical research of many medicinal chemistry projects.

Synthetic & Computaional Chemistry

We believe that partnerships in research makes chemistry exponentially better! For that reason, our group carries out many collaborative projects with other synthetic and computational chemists.

Dr. Petri Turhanen, UEF

Our collaboration with Dr. Turhanen started in 2018 with systematic research on the use of processed ion-exchange resin as a reusable catalyst in organic reactions. Currently, we have several other research projects exploring catalysis reactions, phosphorus chemistry, and development of synthetic methodologies.

The Sirtuin Research Group, UEF

Our recent (2018) collaboration with the Sirtuin research group, led by Adjunct Professor Maija Lahtela-Kakkonen, with the computational studies of TRPA1 antagonists. The Sirtuin Research Group specializes in computational chemistry and drug discovery and design. The current collaboration supports our overarching TRPA1-project, which aims to develop novel TRPA1 targeted treatments for neuropathic pain.

Nanosciences & Applied Physics

Science is fuelled by curiosity…and our curiosity had us thinking way out-of-box! It is said chemistry is just applied physics, so we started a collaboration with the Department of Applied Physics (UEF). cent

The Pharmaceutical Physics Research Group, UEF

Aiming for nanoparticle assisted boron delivery for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), our collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Physics Research Group, led by Professor Vesa-Pekka Lehto, took to fruition in 2018. At the moment, one of Professor Lehto’s PhD student is also working in our group. MSc Herkko Pulkkinen is pioneering his PhD thesis on the design and preparation of cancer-targeting porous nanoparticles loaded with boron compounds.


Our group welcomes new opportunities and prospects for research collaborations. If you, or your group, is working on project or topic where our research or partnership might be beneficial, please contact us!