Our Main Research Topics

Heterocyclic Chemistry

Bioactive heterocycles and heterocyclic chemistry have been the principal investigator, Dr. Juri Timonen’s, main areas of research over the past two decades. Many of our present projects relate to coumarin derivatives and their potency to mediate various illnesses, such as inflammation, neuropathic pain and Alzheimer’s disease.

Our collaborations with numerous experts, research groups, and institutions support the widespread research of coumarins and coumarin derivatives. Some of the current collaborations include the Immunopharmacology Research Group (Medical School, Tampere University), the Sirtuin Research Group (School of Pharmacy, University of Eastern Finland), and Dr. Teemu Natunen (Department of Biomedicine, University of Eastern Finland).

Furthermore, since 2017 we initiated collaboration with Associate Professor Risto Juvonen, who is conducting research on the metabolism of natural compounds, including coumarins. Some of these collaborative results have recently been published in Planta Medica.

Novel Boron Carriers for Treatment of Cancer

Since 2017, we have researched boronated amino acids for BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) of glioma. Our aim is to develop new methods to synthetise boronated compounds capable of transportation through LAT1. The project is collaborative with the Prodrug Research Group in University of Eastern Finland. In addition, this past year we have collaborated with Professor Vesa-Pekka Lehto and the research group of Pharmaceutical Physics (University of Eastern Finland) on an innovative project, which aims to develop nanoporous silica nanoparticles as boron carrier devices.

Novel Antimicrobial Strategies

Our group has a strong interest in developing novel strategies to pursue the globally growing problem of antibiotic resistance. Our first project, which began in 2018, aims to develop novel antibiotics based on bacterial transporters. Our intention is to attach an antibiotic molecule to a small organic molecule, which only bacteria cells can uptake.

Miscellaneous Projects

There have also been many other projects related to different topics, including green chemistry, methodology development, natural products chemistry, etc. We continuously strive to develop new methods of synthesis of small molecules that are more effective and eco-friendly. Most of these miscellaneous projects are short term and associated with our different collaborations.