Novel Antimicrobial Strategies

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the major issues in the near future of humankind and AMR can be referred in the same importance as fighting the climate change. Our group is work on novel strategies to overcome the AMR issue. We have two approaches under the research:

Targetted Trasport of Antibiotics Utilizing Iron transporters

A main challenge with AMR arises when antibiotics are not transported into bacterial cells. Bacterial cells have differences in nutrition when compared to mammalian cells; one difference being the iron up-take system of bacteria. The aim of our study is to develop, synthesize and evaluate novel antibiotics, which are up-taken by bacterial iron transport system. iority48

Nanomaterials for Treatment of Skin Infections

From 2018, we have conducted research on the surface modification of different types of inorganic nanomaterials for treatment of infection associated with both resistant and non-resistant microbes. Our main approach is to investigate the synergistic antimicrobial activity of antimicrobial peptide functionalized gold nanorods to treat skin and soft tissue infection.