Welcome to the group, Satu!

Our newest MSc studnet, Satu Rotso-Liuttu has recently started her Master thesis study in Pharmacy. BSc Rotso-Liuttu is carrying out studies on computational drug design aiming to TRPA1 attenuators. The studies carried out in her MSc thesis are aiming to shed light into the binding of stilbenoids and stilbenoids like molecules into the TRPA1 protein.

TRPA1 is one of the several ion channels related to different kinds of pain. The activation of TRPA1 has been shown to participate e.g. in neuropathic pain, migraine and inflammation. TRPA1 could serve as a novel trarget for painkiller development. In the recent decade, several stilbenoids have been shown to attenuate activity of TRPA1, however, the binding of these compounds into the TRPA1 is not understood well.

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